Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Congratulations to CCICSW Commissioner Stefanie Coxe!

From today's Cape Cod Times:

Human services agency names Coxe director

HYANNIS — A local organization which supports low to moderate income residents has hired a new executive director.
Stefanie Coxe, a district representative of U.S. Rep. William Keating for nearly three years, was chosen to hired to lead the Community Action Committee of Cape Cod & Islands Inc.
Coxe, a Cape native and graduate of Barnstable High School, had served on the organization's board for a year and a half before taking the top spot.
"I'm really passionate about the agency," Coxe said.
The Hyannis-based organization advocates and provides services or resources in several different areas including affordable housing and health care, childcare services, living wages and elder support.
For example, the organization hold financial literacy classes and gives free tax return support and runs Missy's Closet, a Hyannis pantry that provides clothes, diapers and emergency food. It runs a voucher program to help residents in need pay their rent.
Kristina Dower, director of the career center program at Career Opportunities was interim director of the Community Action Committee since last June.
She will serve as chief operating officer of the community action committee.
"I think she brings a tremendous amount of knowledge about area agencies, about federal and state legislators and programs," Dower said about Coxe. "I think she brings an exceedingly large amount of energy and enthusiasm."
Coxe served as policy advisor and community liaison on the
A letter to the Cape Cod Times from one of our Commissioners, Linell Grundman:

Argument culture demands that we all 'shut down'
October 08, 2013

The Oct. 4 letter lamenting an "I don't care" attitude related to the federal government shutdown caught my interest.
While I do care very deeply and am a committed public servant, I have sympathy and understanding for those who "don't care." I have learned that "apathy" is a favorite word for politically minded people. Yet apart from recognizing that it exists, blaming those who choose to shut down politically has limited value for me.
I understand why people have to turn off. It has all gone horribly wrong! Partisan bantering simply contributes to the "argument culture" our country has come to exemplify.
It is a leadership issue. Who can respect a system where leadership does not work together for the good of all our citizens, is blinded by political philosophy, caters to the almighty dollar, and is caught up in circular communication that leads to always making bad decisions?
The values of our great society are daily threatened by